How to clean your garage floor in 30 mins.

You now have the floor that you have wanted…

You want to keep it clean as often as you can.


Because keeping the garage clean is the reason why you had it done.

Because to have a garage you love is the reason why you had your floor coated.

We bring in a lot of snow, dirt, and road chemicals into our garages during the winter season. Even though, we all know these items are not going to harm our floor, we still like to have our floors look clean.

So when the weather drops closer to the 0 Degree mark, I like to quickly rinse out the garage floor and get it looking clean again.

I thought I would share with you some quick tips on how to clean your garage floor.

The choice to coat the floor is about aesthetic and function.

  1. First off, rinse it down.

    You can use a hose or pressure washer to get the loose dirt off floor. Don’t be scared about how close you get with the pressure washer, I use a 300psi washer and get right close - no harm at all to your floors.

  2. Scrub the floor with a hard bristle broom to dig at the tough mud areas.

  3. Final rinse. Wash away all that mud and chemicals.

This is a 30 minute garage floor clean. When Spring comes along, hopefully sooner than later, I will put a bit more into cleaning. I will use a bit of cleaner mixed into the Pressure Washer and scrub a bit more.

For over the winter time, this quick 30 mins routine is all I need.