Making your concrete


Decorative, durable &


Show Off Quality.

The choice to coat the floor is about aesthetic and function.

It looks great and I take pride in my garage space as it’s a space I use more than just for storing vehicles and boxes.
— Brad


It's about Protection.

It's about being able to keep the floor clean.

It's about having something you love and are proud of.



Simple steps on having a fantastic floor

1. Have us come by for a free 15-minute consultation.

2. We prepare the concrete, repair the cracks, and coat your floor.

3. Be excited to be able to clean that concrete floor and have a floor that you love every time you see it.




What color would you put down on your floor?


Floors that shine, floors that you show off.

We are passionate about our floors.

We want everyone that we work with, to love their floors as much as we love them.

It shows in our work, it shows in our commitment and it shows in your floor.