Our Prep work - Shotblasting

What is shotblasting and why we do it?

Shotblasting is the process of firing steel shot pellets into concrete, breaking apart and removing it’s top layer. This leaves a fresh, clean concrete surface for new coatings to stick to.

We use shotblasting as our main method of concrete preparation because it is a clean, safe, and highly effective first step in making your concrete look great.
Shotblasting gives provides the ultimate profile for applying new coating to a floor - meaning that floor that we put down on your Garage or Warehouse floor, is going to last.

Our shotblasting machines propel steel shot down into the old concrete surface. The shot reflects off the concrete and is collected back into a hopper for reuse, while the dust generated is extracted by HEPA rated industrial vacuums. As the blasting machine travels along the concrete, it removes the top layer of concrete. Any surface chemical contamination or loose, failing material is eliminated in this process. The result is a path of clean, roughened concrete, ready to accept a new coating.

Preparing a walkway for coating.

Preparing a walkway for coating.

The blasting process is virtually dust free, providing a safe and clean working environment. The shot is recycled by the machine. Any loose shot will be picked up with magnets, filtered, and reused. No harsh chemicals or toxic waste is produced with this environmentally friendly preparation method.