Chemical Resistant Floor Coatings

We have been working with Jiffy Lube (formally Lube-x) for over 14 years. When they set up a new location, they want to kick these buildings off right. 
The amount of chemicals that these locations see, you can only imagine the damage to the concrete if it wasn't protected. 

That is why we protect them right from the beginning with our PE Coating Systems. Coatings that offer an easy clean up and prevents any stains on the floors allowing these floors to look clean and feel clean for the numerous years the locations will be open for.

Jiffy Lube has also started creating buildings with a new design. The old style buildings had a basement floor and the new locations have only a low pit that allows the operators to work on the underside of the vehicles. They needed these areas to be sealed tight and not allow oil and chemicals to penetrate into the floors and walls of these pits. We sealed these areas with our PE Coatings Systems and now are completely sealed tight.

Protection and easy cleaning is what our coatings offer.