It's your garage. make it the garage you want it to be. 
Protect it, keep it easy to clean and show that garage off.

We wanted to retain the integrity of our cement floor before it starts to deteriorate.

The bonus is that the floor looks great! Will be more accessible to clean and keep dust down.
— Cecillia


Garage floor coatings are about...

1. Protecting your floor from harsh chemicals.

2. Being able to clean your floor and have it look clean when finished.

3. Having an area that is something to show off and be proud of.




Can you clean the mud off your floor this quickly?


How easy is it to clean your garage or shop?


How do we prepare our floors?



Why coat your garage?


There are a lot of chemicals and dirt that comes in from city roads. Trying to clean your garage floor when it is bare concrete compared to when your floor is coated, is night and day difference. Our coatings allow your floors to be easy to clean which will show off their high gloss finish and offer lasting protection. 

Using only industrial strength 100% solids Epoxy and Polyaspartic floor coatings, our floors will outlast any other products out there. 

Epoxies are strong and durable and have amazing adhesion properties. There has been some great improvements with Epoxies and their UV protectant properties.

Polyaspartics are as strong, durable, flexable and are UV protectant. 
One great thing about Polyaspartics is their cure time. For those fast turn around jobs, Polyaspartics are perfect for the job.